5 tips to work from home; home essentials

These are unprecedented times; none of us saw this lockdown coming so we didn’t really prepare for it. In just a few days, so many of us were forced to work from home. A friend of mine joked that we’re no longer working from home but rather living at work. And while things are slowly returning to normal, or rather, becoming the new normal, many of us will still be working from home for a while. Here are a few tips on how to make your spaces conducive for your work from home experience.


Your environment could have a major effect on your productivity. Create your own little workstation in a corner or office if you have a spare room. Invest in a desk and a chair for your workspace instead of simply sitting on the couch with your laptop. This will help you get more work done, without the temptations of turning on the TV or even taking a nap. Set up your workspace next to a window that allows in a lot of natural light. Natural light is said to improve one’s mood, alertness and reduce eyestrain for people working on computers and improve overall productivity. If you’re working at night you might need a little extra light because the light from ordinary bulbs may not be enough. Some extra light from nice desk lamp will come in handy during those working nights and during video conference calls. If you need some help setting up your work station simply click on this link.


Trying to stay alert and productive doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. You’re probably going to be seated working for several hours. You don’t want a few weeks of working from home to leave you with years of backaches. M-Maison has lots of beautiful cushions that are not only pleasing to look at, but will also help you be able to do your work comfortably for longer periods of time. You could also get a few other accessories to personalize your little workspace and make it more… you. Let us help you make your home workspace more comfortable, follow this link.


Once you have a work plan, procrastination will be a thing of the past. Many times we procrastinate on tasks because we simply don’t have a proper plan on how to get them done which creates an illusion of complexity in execution. Sit down at your desk every morning and write a list of the things you need to get done and tick them off as and when you finish. Completing and ticking tasks off your list creates a nice a rhythm and before you know it, your list will be cleared.


The time you spend off work is as important to your productivity as the time you spend working. After a long day of working it’s important to relax and recharge, as you get ready for the tasks of the next day. So after a long day, escape to your room, turn off the lights, light a few candles, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and turn on some soothing music. Those moments you spend relaxing and just reflecting on life could do a whole lot for your creativity and productivity the next day. It also gives you something to look forward to as you hustle with work during the day. Let us light up your downtime check out some of our amazing candles and lanterns here.


Setting rewards and punishments for yourself could greatly increase your productivity. How, you ask? If you set a clear consequence for not getting your work done on time as well as an attractive reward, you’ll be encouraged to work hard and ensure that the task is completed in time. Setting a punishment for failure will force you out of the comfort zone while the reward will encourage you to reach for your goals. Your punishment could be not moving out of the house until a particular task is complete while the reward could be buying yourself something nice or cozy up in the couch and catch up on your favorite TV series. Browse through some of the beautiful gifts we have on sale here.